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These candles are as traditional as it gets. Simplicity and purity at its finest.
We use our perfect blend of fruit and flower blossom wax to bring you
these classic pillars. As with all our candles, these smooth pillars don't smoke,
drip or burn down the centre. They feature our all-natural plant fibre wick and
burn completely clean. And because they are beeswax, they cost pennies/hour to burn.

For these timeless candles, we start by wicking the core, being sure to leave plenty
of excess wick at the top. This allows us to hand dip the candles 15-20 times in very
hot wax, giving the smooth, clean finish without the need for chemicals or enhancers.
The challenge is to keep the candle level so that the coatings adhere evenly. This is much
harder than it sounds. We finish it off with our earth friendly wrap and we smile,
because we know that whomever is lucky enough to burn this candle will be very happy.

In fact, your satisfaction is guaranteed!
These candles are available in various shades of Gold and our 'naturally filtered' Ivory.
To achieve 100% pure Ivory beeswax naturally is a painstaking process which involves bringing our gold cappings wax up to high temperatures and running it through a charcoal filtering process several times in order to absorb the pollen out of the wax. The pollen
is what gives the wax all of its color and 99% of its aroma. Therefore our Ivory line
is ideal for those with allergies, or anyone who enjoys scent free environments.
With these (as well as our Signature Dripped Pillars), you should ask yourself what your candle burning lifestyle is. If you use candles for short periods (yoga, a bath, sex, meditation, etc), we recommend our 2" diameter candles. For get-togethers, dinner parties and burn sessions of up to 2 hours, we suggest our 3" diameter size. And for the serious burner (3-4 hour sessions or longer), we highly recommend our 4" or 5" diameter candles.
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