Cheeky Bee Candle Company

Started in 1999, Cheeky Bee grew out of the search for a natural
alternative to chemical based, toxic candles. After learning about the
purity and utility that defines beeswax, we started making candles that would inspire, as art, but also amaze, as in, "Can it be true? Do beeswax candles really burn completely clean? Cost less than paraffin candles? Is the flame really different?"
Yes, yes, yes. The question one should ask themselves is:
"Why has it taken me so long to start burning beeswax candles?"

Although we do not maintain our own hives, we have established long term, mutually beneficial relationships with local, ethical and environmentally aware, beekeepers. By supporting local farmers, it guarantees us a constant supply of the finest 100% pure beeswax in the world as well as ensuring a fair price for the people who make it all happen. Bees are crucial for the survival of mankind, and the beekeepers are crucial for the bees.
It is this positive synergy that makes what we do so rewarding.

Painstakingly hand crafted in Ontario, Canada, we still, stubbornly, use the timeless methods that our chandler ancestors have used over the last 4000 years. Each candle is hand poured, hand dripped, hand dipped and hand finished. In fact, we are proud of the fact that our small "factory" is devoid of any plugged in equipment. In an age of computers and machinery, this may not be fiscally prudent, but it is true to our ancient craft.
Cheeky Bee Candle Company - Catalogue
We didn't "inherit the knowledge" from our grandmothers, and we didn't stumble on it from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs; we are first generation candle makers who, through hard work, dedication, and an innate appreciation for what we do, are able to offer you the longest lasting, cleanest burning, sweetest smelling, all natural, 100% pure, beeswax candles on Earth.

Won't you join the growing list of international customers
who have discovered Cheeky Bee? Find out what all the
buzz is about - give us a call and treat yourself.
This is one indulgence that won't hurt a bit.
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See our catalogue page  for a complete list of sizes and burn times.

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